Order of the Amaranth

  Joan E. McNoldy                                    Manassas, Virginia                          Charles E. McNoldy

    Royal Matron                                             November  2005                                      Royal Patron

From the Throne ~


With November comes Thanksgiving, wonderful cooler weather, and Christmas just around the corner.  With November also comes leaves, leaves and more leaves to be raked.......especially when you live in Woodbine WOODS!  We welcome any and all who will come and help two old, decrepit people with the raking chore.  We'll supply the rakes, cider, cookies, but whiners and gripers need not apply, nor mention of aches and pains.    We can handle that part on our own!


Thanksgiving is a time to remember those special people who have blessed us during the year.  How nice to send a card, note or call that special someone to tell them how much they are appreciated, or how they have touched your life in some way  Maybe it's a neighbor, loved one, the postal worker (ours is a jewel), your physician, or an Amaranth friend.  Chuck and I certainly want to let all of you know what a blessing you have been to us during the past year.  Chuck said that of all the Masonic bodies he belongs to, none can compare to the level of caring, fellowship and love we have found in Amaranth.  We thank all of you for your support this year and look forward to many more years of fun, fellowship and service.


Thanks to all of you who participated in the Amaranth Funeral Service for HL Dixie Waibel.  Dixie was the mother of HL Debbie Thompson, PRM of Destiny Court.  I was overwhelmed with the positive response to all of my phone calls.  So many immediately agreed to participate, including those who must travel quite a distance, and some e-mailed offers to assist in the service.  For many of us, it was a new experience, and it was a beautiful service with the ladies in white gowns and the men in their tuxedos, and presented in a meaningful and gracious way.  Special thanks to SK Bob Riggle AGL for getting us organized and rehearsed so that we would perform well.  Thanks also to Lee Funeral Home for allowing us a place to prepare for the service, even if it was the casket display room where HL Kelly Carr planned to do her Christmas shopping for her parents!  Thanks to pro tems HL Peggy Goldsmith, SFaith; HL Carol Ekren, GC; SK David Ekren, GAP; and, SK John Stallings.  We were also most appreciative of HL Kip Volkstadt, GRep, who sang “In The Garden” and “Amazing Grace” for the service.  And of course special thanks to all of the Destiny Court officers who have been so faithful this year.  We couldn't manage without you.


We will be losing two of our very special members who are moving away and they will be sorely missed.  HL Sue Rennegal (and SK Bill, I should add) will be moving to Williamsburg before long.  HL Susan Bingham (and SK Al, so I should have said 4 members) will be moving to Florida.  Susan has been with us for some time and is currently our Charity, while Sue is our stately Standard Bearer.  Best wishes from Destiny Court to all of you, and don't forget to visit us whenever you can.  I'm sure we'll see Sue at Grand Court in February, and if the hotel is overbooked we'll be bunking in with her!


Which brings me to the need for more new members!  Keep looking for and thinking about potential candidates for initiation.  And for those of you who have not been with us for awhile, come out and see how beautiful our work is and what wonderful fellowship we have.  More and more people are lingering after the meeting for refreshments and fellowship where laughter and gentle teasing abound.


Happy Thanksgiving to all, and please remember our Veterans and all service members on November 11th. 


 HL Joan McNoldy               SK Chuck McNoldy

Royal Matron                      Royal Patron






From the West ~


Heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the Bowl-a-Thon for Diabetes. The initial reports put our Court at almost $700! If you didn't get to make a pledge in time, we will be VERY happy to accept late donations. Thanks to Mike Coleman for organizing the event, as well as bowling, and thanks also to Kip Volkstadt and Bob Riggle for their bowling skills. A very special thank you to all of those members who came to cheer our champions to victory.

Craft Fair
We have the opportunity to take part in a craft fair at Manassas Baptist Church on Saturday, November 12th. Because the fee for this fair is only $25, we've decided to participate in this fair instead of the one in Dale City, which requires a $50 fee. If you have been making crafts in anticipation of the Christmas sales, please let me know so I can arrange to pick them up before the 12th. If you don't have a craft made, but would like to send something with us, that's great too! I will need people to help, so if you are so inclined, you can call or email me. If I don't get volunteers in time, I will be calling the membership, so start screening your calls now (just kidding).

Window and Cradle Opportunities
Just a reminder - we will be drawing the winning tickets for the Stained Glass Window and the Cherry Cradle at the November meeting. If you don't have your tickets yet, the last sale will be at the dinner before the meeting. Either one of these items would make a great Christmas present for yourself or someone else.

Thank you for all of your support this year. We couldn't have been as successful without you.


HL Becky Moose                       SK Bill Costis

Assoc. Matron                            Assoc. Patron



From the South ~

 Here we are almost in November.  Where has the year gone?

I want to, first of all, thank everyone who participated in the projects for the White House Ornaments and the Wolfgang Candy.  The ornaments and the candy will be at the November meeting.  If for some reason you cannot be at that meeting, let me know and we will try and work out an arrangement for you to get them from me.  At the November meeting, I will be able to tell you the profit that we made from each project.

 On the 4th of November, we will be serving a dinner for the Masons.  On the 10th of November, we will be serving a dinner for the Commandery.  We need your help with these two dinners.  If you can help cook and/or serve, please let me know by e-mail ( or by telephone (703-933-0466).

 HL Sue Riggle, Conductress



From the North ~


For those members who were unable to come for dinner for the October meeting, BOY, did you miss out on some delicious food provided by HL Darlene Hawkins!! HL Darlene treated us to a smorgasbord of homemade chili, beef stew, and chicken with rice soup. We ate to our heart's (or should I say our stomach's?) delight! A few members were seen going back for third helpings. SK Chuck, was that your third or fourth helping I saw you eating?! Anyway, the members  enjoyed the food and fellowship. Please join us for dinner for our November meeting. HL Cherry and SK Bill Costis will be providing the dinner and refreshments.


HL Kelly Carr, Assoc. Conductress

 November Events


11/5 – Royal Arch Ham & Oyster Dinner, 4:00-6:00 PM

11/4 – Serve dinner for Manasseh Lodge, 6:30 PM

11/10 – Serve dinner for Commandery, 6:30 PM

11/17 – Destiny Court stated meeting, 7:30 PM


Birthdays:  November & December


11/13 – HL Annette Rose

11/27 – SK Bill Volkstadt

11/29 – HL Susan White

11/30 – SK Bill Costis


12/7 – HL Tommie Jordan

12/7 – SK Al Bingham

12/8 – HL Callie Beatty

12/15 – SK Michael Coleman


Anniversaries:  November & December


11/18 – HL Lisa & SK Bob Jones


12/9 – HL Sue & SK Bob Riggle

12/9 – HL Melanie & Ray Hall



About Our Members


Our deepest sympathy to HL Debbie Thompson and her husband, Chuck Thompson.  HL Debbie’s mother, HL Dixie Waibel, passed away on October 24 and Chuck’s father passed away on October 28.  Our hearts go out to HL Debbie and her husband at this very difficult time. 


SK Bill Volkstadt is scheduled to have heart bypass surgery in the next month.  Our prayers will be with him for a full and speedy recovery. 


We published the new address for HL Jane and SK Bob Hoffer a couple of months ago.  Please make a note of their new telephone number which is 804-320-1910.  Let me know if you need directions to their house.  I know they would love a visit. 


Please remember our shut-in with calls, cards or visit.  HL Helen Loveland is unable to get out and is being cared for by HL Barbara Loveland.  We’re sure both HL Barbara and HL Helen would appreciate hearing from our Court members every now and again. 


HL Annette Rose has moved.  Her new address is:


44485 Chamberlain Terrace

Unit 307

Ashburn, VA 20147



As you may know, HLs Kelly Carr and Lisa Jones are the daughters of HL Joan and SK Chuck McNoldy.  Both daughters will be undergoing surgery in November; one on 11/21 and the other on 11/22.  Please remember HLs Kelly and Lisa in your prayers for a quick and full recovery and pray for strength for HL Joan and SK Chuck who will be nursing both of them during their recovery process.


We’re very excited to relay to the membership that SK Leonard Mick is now a licensed pilot.  We need to encourage SK Leonard to fly HL Earline back to Northern Virginia for a visit.  Wonder if the gas for a plane is more expensive than the gas for a car????


We’ve heard from HL Loretta Shrout from her new home in Cumberland, MD.  She’s currently living in the ‘old homestead’ and is in the process of building a new home near by.  HL Loretta reports and she and Gary are really enjoying being closer to family now.  Keep us posted HL Loretta on the progress of the ‘new homestead’. 




The Court Secretary has a new supply of dues cards and would be more than happy to issue one to you as soon as she receives your $20 payment.  Please send your dues payments to HL Cherry Costis, 8904 Anita Court, Manassas, VA 20110-4946 and save the Court the postage expense of sending out notices. 



Honored Ladies and Sir Knights,


You can not imagine how very proud I was of Destiny Court after the funeral service for Honored Lady Dixie Waibel.  Destiny Court did an outstanding presentation of the service and I received many complements from the Lee's Funeral Home and the staff on the service.


I would be willing to put the officers of Destiny Court up against any other court in the state or even the Grand Officers.  You all did an outstanding job with the ritual and this is one Assistant Grand Lecturer that is extremely proud of his court.  Keep up the good work, study the ritual and keep learning.


S. K. Bob Riggle, AGL

Destiny Court #14



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