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Sir Knights of  Arlington Commandery #29:  07 May, 2009




General Orders No. 473

May, 2009


From the Apartment of the Commander:


A Special Thanks to all, and especially to our Ladies, for participating in our Ladies’ Night Program at our April Conclave. It was really a gala affair with an exceptionally prepared dinner by Sir Knight “Romi” Capuno, our Senior Warden. My wife Nancy also deserves “kudos” for setting up the dining area together with the help of several of our Sir Knight’s Ladies who also brought in the “finishing touches” for our dinner.  SK Jay Patterson, our Guest Speaker gave an outstanding presentation on his experiences as a White House Network TV Cameraman. His extensive knowledge provided a great insight into the in depth nature of what his position entails. The overall program was well received by all. It was a “fun night.”


The announcement made in last month’s General Orders regarding the Grand Commandery Leadership Correspondence Course has created great interest. The sooner you can fill out a registration card and have received the Course material, the sooner we can plan a “group session” to review, study, and complete the requirements to receive individual Certificates.


Raffle ticket booklets have been included in this issue of our General Orders for your purchase or to sell to others. Each ticket is $5.00. However, five (5) tickets in the booklet can be bought for $20.00. We need your help to support this endeavor. Make your check payable to Commandery # 29 and note on your check “For KTEF”.  All proceeds are for the Knights Templar Eye Foundation. Don’t forget to send in the ticket stubs, with an ID on them, with your check.


In this vein I am asking all of you to suggest ways we can raise funds for our General Account. Your ideas, experiences and know how is really needed. We have many unfunded expenses that take up most of our limited funds. A spaghetti dinner is a suggested funds raiser;  don’t knock it; because everyone has one and everyone makes money. Please send us a response.


Our scheduled Fraternal Visit for the Month of May will be to Piedmont Commandery # 26 on Thursday, 28 May 2009 at 7:30 PM. It will be an excellent opportunity to visit our Fraters in Manassas.   Car pools have been established.  Please call me for details.


Our speaker for this month’s Conclave will be Right Eminent John R. Wigglesworth, Jr. who will give a presentation on the status of our contributions to the Knights Templar Eye Foundation. He will also review and update us on the Baldwin-Brown and Holy Land Funds.


Several of our Sir Knights brought up the subject of changing the meeting night of our monthly Conclave. i.e. to meet on the 3rd Friday of every month in lieu of the present 1st Friday of every month. This change will necessitate reading the proposed change at a Stated Conclave, and publishing the recommended change(s) in our General Orders prior to bringing it up for action.   This change would alleviate the conflicts we have with other Masonic Bodies, provide a Friday conducive to others, and the opportunity to increase our membership.


This issue of our monthly General Orders is being published and mailed prior to the Annual Grand Commandery Conclave (30 April, 1-2 May 2009). General Order # 1 that will announce the newly elected and appointed officers of the Grand Commandery in Virginia will be available if published for everyone at our Friday, 8 May 2009 Conclave.


For those of you who received the Order of the Temple on 24 January 2009 in Richmond, I have received some really nice Certificates that will be presented to each of you. Please make every effort to attend the May Conclave for the presentation.


The Officers’ Call held at 2 PM on Sunday, 29 March was a huge success, and I thank all of you who attended. An “after action” report covering the Agenda items and the comments made has been prepared and is available for all. It is anticipated that an Officers’ Call will be held every quarter. Please note that all Sir Knights of Arlington Commandery # 29 are welcome to attend and participate in this forum.   


In His Name





From the Desk of the Recorder



Please note the change date of our May Stated Conclave; our Grand Annual Conclave meets

On the first Friday. Remember: NO meeting on 1 May 2009 !!!


Receipt of delinquent dues is very slow! Please check your card to see if it up to date; if the date on the card reads, 28 February 2009, you are in arrears with your dues.  To correct that oversight, please remit the sum of $50.00 to me at your early convenience.


Sincerely and fraternally






                                                                                                                           Living Past Commanders


1981 Ronald G. Moore, PDDGC, KCT, KTCH       

1982 John W. Wigglesworth, Jr., PGC, KTC

1987 David H. Graham

1988 Lewis J. Wilson

1989 Terence H. DuVall

1991 David R. Graham

1992 James H. Banton, Sr., PDDGC, KYCH

1995 John G. Dudley, Jr.

1996 *Paul A. Gilmore

2000 Stewart W. Miner, PDDGC, KCT

2001 Jamil I. Gabro, PDDGC

2002 Ronald L. Plamondon

2003 Terry L. Bartholomew

2004 Elias J. Semann

2005 John W. Bullach, Jr., PDDGC

2006 Charbel  I. Fahed

2007 George R. Bierman

2008 John W. Pearson, Jr


                GCT – Grand Cross Templar

                KCT  -  Knight Commander of the Temple

                KTCH – Knight Templar Cross of Honor     

·         - Demit




     Edwin R. Carpenter, Jr., PC # 26, Gr. Cmdr., KCT

              William T. Cox, PGC (DC), KTCH

                  William B. Craig, PC (DC)



   William T. Cox, PGC (DC), KTCH

        William B. Craig, PC (DC)

              Robert A. Kelley

                Elgin B. Kirby






Officers for 2009-2010

       Commander:  Ralph Taylor  Woodrow

        Generalissimo:   Michael Arthur  Riley

        Captain General:  John Warren Bullach

        Senior Warden:   Romulo Magnaye Capuno

        Junior Warden:   Bernard  Rice

        Warder:   Jamil Isso Gabro

        Standard Bearer:    O. McNeal Marple

        Sword Bearer:   Guilford Christopher Kater

        Sentinel:   John Wesley Pearson

        Recorder:  Garnett R. Bailey

        Treasurer:  John Robert  Wigglesworth, Jr.
Terence Herbert DuVall





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