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Order of the Amaranth

    Kelly Carr                                                   Manassas, Virginia                                          Charles McNoldy

    Royal Matron                                       October - November 2012                                   Royal Patron







From the South ~


White House Ornaments ~ The White House Ornaments are going very fast. We only have 25 left. I am going to take them to the Fall Festival next weekend. I hope to sell all of them. Let me know if you need a few for your friends. Please turn in all collected monies for the sold ornaments to Debbie Dunn at our next meeting. Thank you to all of our wonderful members who sold ornaments towards our Ways and Means project.

Pecans ~ Pecans will be available again this year. Please place your order with Joan McNoldy.

October's Amaranth Dinner will be hosted by Grace and Bill Edwards. The donations to the dinner will go to the Grand Court Job's Daughters Scholarship Fund.

Our November Dinner will be prepared by Meta Nay. For her Diabetes project we returned all of our money towards the pins. Meta volunteered to make dinner for all Courts who supported her with this project.


HL Debbie Dunn, Conductress



            We have not heard anything from HL Lisa Elliott as to who is doing the refreshments for the next few months but we’re sure it will be taken care of and we will have something good to eat after our meetings.


About Our Members

            HL Kelly Carr has been having some serious problems with her back and was supposed to have surgery to correct it.  However, she is now being told she must undergo physical therapy treatments before they can authorize the surgery.  Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through these treatments. 

            HL Lucy Brisboise is not doing well and is temporarily in a nursing facility while her family members are out of town. 

            Frances Elliott, father of SK Benjamin Elliott is dealing with liver cancer and currently undergoing chemo therapy. 


From the Secretary’s Desk

            Dues for 2013 are now due.  We should have the cards from the Grand Secretary sometime in October.  Some of our members still owe dues for 2012.  If you do not have a turquoise colored dues card, you are probably in arrears.  I will be sending out notices to those who still owe for 2012 but will not send notices to the members for 2013 unless I have not received yours by March 2013.  Please help the Court save postage


and send me your dues in the amount of $20.00 per person per year as soon as possible.  They can be mailed to me at 8904 Anita Court, Manassas, VA 20110-4946 or you can give them to me when you see me. 

HL Cherry Costis, DSRM, Secretary


October / November Events

10/5 – GRM’s OV to Blue Ridge #8

10/10 – GRM’s OV to Faith #12

10/11 – GRM’s OV to Mace #9

10/13 – MAHOVA Family Day

10/18 – Destiny Court Stated Meeting

10/19 – VA/NJ Friendship Night in PA

10/20 – ‘Hot Salsa Nite’ at Mace #9

10/21 – GC Bowl-a-thon

10/25-27 – GC of NC


11/4 – GC School #3

11/6 – GRM’s OV to Alexandria #7

11/15 – Destiny Court Stated Meeting



Birthdays and Anniversaries


October / November Birthdays

10/12 – Darlene Hawkins

10/14 – Kelly Carr

10/17 – Arthur Wood

10/20 – Sue Riggle

10/28 – Lucy Brisboise

10/29 – Bill Edwards


11/9 – Jerry Jenkins

11/29 – Susan White

11/30 – Bill Costis


October / November Anniversaries

                        10/2 – Judi & Darian Pruitt

                        10/3 – Nancy & Lloyd Jenkins


                        11/9 – Linda & Jerry Jenkins

                        11/19 – Debbie & Carl Dunn


Service Project

      Don’t forget our Court’s on-going service project which is providing food for SERVE, Inc.  In August we added school supplies to the list and were very pleased to take a trunk full of items to them.  Now that the children are back in school, I’m sure they can use items like peanut butter and jelly for sandwiches and snack items to be packed in lunch boxes.  And there is always a need for staples such as spaghetti and sauce, macaroni and cheese, canned soups and stews and the like.  People in other Courts were so impressed with our efforts in helping the community that they are copying us.  Let’s keep up the good work.

      Also, if you see some area where we can be of service to our community, please let the Royal Matron or Royal Patron know about it and we can bring it up to the Court for consideration.  We are a charitable organization and need to do what we can to help those in our community.


Rainbow News

Manassas Assembly LT, International Order of Rainbow for Girls has two very strong possibilities for membership in the next month which means we will finally be able to be constituted.  We will make sure the word goes out to all of the Masonic family when we have an initiation scheduled.  And please put the date of February 2, 2013 on your calendar for the next Installation of Officers for Manassas Assembly.  More information will be sent out closer to the date.  Don’t forget, if you know of any girls between the ages of 11 and 20 who would like to join, please contact HL Debbie Dunn who is the Membership Chairman for the Assembly.  Here email address is Debbie@Carl-dunn.com and her phone number is 703-368-0245.  Any girls who joins before we are Constituted will be considered a Charter Member of the Assembly. 

All members of the Masons, Order of the Amaranth, Order of the Eastern Star and wives of Master Masons as well as parents, grandparents and guardians of the girls are eligible to attend meeting of the Assembly.  Won’t you come and support them in their work. 


DeMolay News

We are very please to report that Prince William Chapter DeMolay has two new members and are holding meetings once a month at the Lodge on the 4th Wednesday.  This is such a positive event for the Chapter.  However, the still only have three active members and are in need more young men.  If you know of young men between the ages of 12 and 21 who would be interested in becoming members, please contact John Stallings who is currently working as Chapter Dad.  His email is jdstallingsiii@verizon.net and his phone number is 703-335-5751. 

And while we’re speaking about DeMolay, I would like to have you read a speech given by Robert Marster, State Master Councilor 2011-2012, which he gave at the International Congress in Louisville, Kentucky. 

“In 1919, we had just come out of a war; the Great War.  When Frank S. Land met with Louis Lower and those 8 young men it was to address a problem.  I want to address a problem with you today.  We say that we are the premier youth fraternity and organization in the world.  Our members go on to be presidents, doctors, soldiers and Masons.  Yet our membership numbers are in decline.  We are not reaching as many young men as in the past.  We try to combat this with short cuts, temporary fixes, and hopes that we will be great again without having to put in the necessary work to get there.  As time passes, I worry that as forewarned in the Ceremony of Light, our organization may fall to the depths of doubt and uncertainty.  Yet even worse, we may instead fall victim to our own apathy and complacency.”

“We are a great fraternity, yet we are constantly making DeMolay easier, watering down its purposes until it becomes so diluted that one day nothing may be left. Lowering requirements here, eliminating programs there, eventually we will be a ghost of our former self.  Being a DeMolay is hard, it is supposed to be.  DeMolay is not just signing a petition, attending meetings or events and leaving what you learn and experience at the door.  It takes hard work and dedication.  This wholehearted, enthusiastic membership, paired with its teachings, is what drives DeMolay into larger horizons.  If we do not value what DeMolay is, who will?  We call ourselves a character building organization but what character are we building if we are not striving to be better, to be the best?  I think Nike got it wrong.  If we ‘just do it’, then we are just like everybody else.  However, that is not to say we are elitist.  We are better than that, it’s call being inclusive my brothers.  We take guys from all walks of life and backgrounds and make each other better.  We are not the stereotypical teenagers; we’re near 100 years in existence.  We are not the future of the Masonic Family.  We are not the future of our country.  We are its present.”


Upcoming Diabetes Projects


            The Court voted to have both a ‘31’ and Leah Sophia Jewelry party prior to our November meeting.  Proceeds from both parties will go to the Court’s Diabetes Fund.  The jewelry lady is Jeri Blue who has worked with us before.  The ‘31’ representative is our own HL Miranda Sanderson.  If you would like to know more about ‘31’, check out HL Miranda’s web page www.mythirtyone.com/mirandaleigh/.  Both the jewelry and the ‘31’ products make wonderful Christmas presents and we are assured they will have our orders for us before our December meeting.


Grand Court Diabetes Project

Don’t forget to get your tickets for “Let’s Eat Out!”.  This is an opportunity to win $500 in gift cards to such places as Applebee’s Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel, Subway, Olive Garden, Maggiano’s and Outback Steakhouse.  Our Court was given 12 tickets to sell at $10 each and we now have 6 left.  This is a Grand Court project for Diabetes sponsored by HL Meta Nay.  If you wish to purchase a ticket, contact the Court Secretary, HL Cherry Costis.  Drawing will be held at the Grand Court Christmas party. 

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