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Royal Arch Masons
Arlington, Virginia

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Chartered October 26, 1921

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Daniel C. Duvall

High Priest

Stated Convocation at 7:30 PM
2nd Wednesday Every Month
All Convocations are held in the
Cherrydale Masonic Temple
Lee Highway and N. Oakland Street
Arlington, Virginia
Tel. (703) 524-4664


From the Chamber of the High Priest





At our stated convocation on September 14, 2011 a corps of officers was elected and installed for Capitular Year 2011-2012.  The names and phone numbers of these officers are listed elsewhere in this Trestleboard.  Please feel free to contact your High Priest with any information, questions, suggestions or concerns.


Please come early at 6:30 and fellowship with us over dinner before the stated meetings.  Refreshments will be provided by a rotation of companions volunteering to bring food on a particular month.  Please use sign up sheet in the Social Hall to volunteer to provide refreshment for a particular month; expenses will be reimbursed by the Chapter.


We will also have some interesting programs during the meetings; if you have a subject that you’d like to hear about or a program you’d like to present, please let your High Priest know.  DC Night is June 13, 2012.  Also please let your High Priest or our District Lecturer George Bierman know if you’d like to learn a degree part or participate in district wide degree work.


The Call To Grand Chapter has been issued. It will be on 18-19 November at the Crowne Plaza Fort Magruder Inn, Williamsburg, VA. In addition to the important business (including status of “life membership”) and election of officers there will be the conferral of the Anointed High Priest, the Super Excellent Master’s and the Thrice Illustrious Master’s degrees. Details are available from our Secretary or on-line at


Also we expect one of our own to be installed as the District Deputy Grand High Priest for 2012, so we hope you can join us there for that event. Make your reservations now!


Sincerely and Fraternally,

Daniel C. Duvall, HP

Arlington RAC No 35







Arthur L. Gore


John L. Hayhurst


Raymond M. Ridgeway


William A. Wiggins


John R. Stone


Peter Terrill


Byron T. Johnson


Donald E. McCallister


Romalo M. Capuno


Heber C. Willis III








Elgin B. Kirby


John Sabanosh


John R. Wigglesworth Jr.


Orval J. Smith


Jerry G. Oliver


David Hull



Happy Birthday, Companions!




Living Fifty Year Members

John P. Funkhouser


Elgin B. Kirby


William T. Guise


James W. Brown, Jr.


Henry J. Bausili


Wilbert N, Kahoun


 Walter W. Cosby Jr.


Cleveland F. Oliver


James W. Smith


Robert F. Brown


Roland R. Russell


Charles H. Rowell


Stewart W. Miner


Blaine M. Williams


Howard E. Pirkey




Trestle board

Remember, we serve refreshments at 6:30 before every convocation. Stated at 7:30.

12 October. Stated.

9 November. Stated

11-12 Nov. Grand Lodge, Richmond

18-19 Nov. Grand Chapter, Williamsburg


Other District 1 Chapters


Mount Vernon No. 14

Meets first Tuesday monthly at 7:30

            At G W National Memorial

            Alexandria, North Room.

Annandale No. 77

Meets third Wednesday monthly at 7:30

            Elmer Timberman Lodge

6911 Columbia Pike

Annandale, VA

District School Annandale every 1st Wednesady at 7 P.m.


Signs You Are Too Old For Halloween

You get winded from knocking on the door.

You have to have someone chew the candy for you.

When the door opens you yell, "Trick or..." and you can't remember the rest.

You ask for high fiber candy only.

When someone drops a candy bar in your bag, you lose your balance and fall over.



Masonic web sites

            Grand Chapter site.

            links to lodges, chapters, councils commanderies and all other York Rite bodies in the USA.

            Look here for our trestleboard.


TRIVIA Question:

Name the four members of the Million Dollar Quartet.

Answer at the October stated.


Chapter Officers for

2011 – 2012


          High Priest

Daniel C. Duvall, PHP             703-820-5543h



Carl E. Weaver                        703-338-0267


Floyd M. Burgher Jr.              


Romulo M. Capuno                 703-644-7818 


Philip Edwin Graves                703-356-3397

1139 Marion Avenue

McLean, VA 22101-2951

Captain of the Host

Rolf S. Pemberton                   703-536-9888

Principal Sojourner

 Robert B. Rench                    703-536-6634

          Royal Arch Captain

Arturo R. Velena

          Grand Master Third Veil

John W. Bullach Jr., PDDGHP 703-534-3109

          Grand Master Second Veil

Bernard Rice, PHP                  703-534-9029

Grand Master First Veil

Ralph T. Woodrow PDDGHP  703-606-9630


James W. Smith, PGHP          703 354-8034


Melvin L. Crane                       703-521-9022

          Web Master

Carl E. Weaver                        703-338-0267


John W. Bullach Jr.                 703-534-3109

6819 Williamsburg Blvd.

Arlington, VA. 22213

Living Past High Priests  

William T. Guise 1956

James W. Smith ** 1965 & 1974

Stewart W. Miner ** 1975

O. Lee Hash 1977

William U. Mac Brayne * 1981

Orval J. Smith * 1983

George D. Gilbreath * 1984

David R. Graham 1985 & 1996

Floyd M. Davis * 1986

Wm. Gene Sizemore 1988

Robert E. Schindler Sr. 1990

John R. Wigglesworth Jr. 1992

Melvin L. Crane 1998 & 2000

Orval J. Smith * 1999 

 Daniel C. Duvall   2003 (#73) & 2005

John W. Bullach Jr. * 2003& 2004

John W. Pearson  2006 & 2008

Ralph T. Woodrow * 2007

Mark A. Harford 2009

Romulo M. Capuno     2010

Bernard Rice     2011

                               *  PDDGHP        **  PGHP                              Italics HP Triangle Chapter # 73


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